The Tuesday Talks is a place to connect, grow and realise your full potential. With only 15 seats available each month, The Tuesday Talks is Cornwall's first exclusive social members' club for artists, makers, freelancers and business owners. 

What is it all about?

a place to belong

"Running your own business can be a lonely journey, but finding a tribe of like-minded creative entrepreneurs in these sessions has given me the support and camaraderie to keep me on track". 

what members are saying

With over 8+ years working as a brand photographer and experience working with over 100 businesses, Rhona (Founder of Goodrest Studios) will share industry expertise on elevating your business and offer a chance to connect with other creatives in Cornwall. 

bringing creative people together

community over competition

"The biggest leaps forward I have taken with my own work have come from conversations I have had with other creatives and business owners who have achieved success in an area I am interested in. Seeing their success is enough to push me onto the next phase of my own journey. This was the inspiration behind setting up the Tuesday Talks."

hosted by rhona
(founder of goodrest studios)

Join the creative community in Cornwall. 

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