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Photography & consultancy for ambitious brands.

Phase one: Brand strategy
Phase two: Brand identity
Phase three: Web design
Phase four: Brand photography
Phase five: Social media

We help ambitious brands to make their mark on the world with clarity and style. From initial conception to launch day, we create everything you need for an original and memorable brand experience.  




To begin, we go through an extensive 3 hour brand strategy consultation where we cover: brand goals, current problems, naming, offering, art direction, consumer profiling, tone of voice, key message, brand philosophy, brand statement, marketing checklist and finally a step by step action plan moving forward. 

phase two


Next we move onto visual identity where everything we discussed in the brand strategy consultation gets translated into visual branding. The studio creates 3 to 4 visual solutions to present; you then choses 1 or a combination of concepts to take forward and once this has been signed off we get to work creating the final design concept. Together we discuss the final concept and the studio then carries out one more round of amends before the design phase is complete.

The deliverables at this stage are: logo, colour palette, typography, social media launch graphic assets, brand style guide. 



Thirdly we move onto the website. This is a really fun stage of the process as everything is really coming together at this point; all of the strategy and brand identity are being used to create a professional and consistent website. Once the structure, functionality, design and copywriting have been signed off, we then move onto the brand photoshoot. Placeholder images are used at this point until we have original photographs from our photoshoot. Having the dimensions, web design and placeholder gaps to fill, helps pull together a photography shot list.

By this point we know what photographs are needed to complete the website and the rest of the shot-list is made up of content ideas that are useful for social media, PR and wider marketing projects. The brand photoshoot includes a preproduction phase where the studio sources a location, models and props where required. Being on set for the photoshoot isn’t always essential as we always have a detailed plan with plenty of visual references to make sure the results match up to your goals. Once the photographs are edited and signed-off they are then uploaded onto the website and sent to you in high-res and web formatted files. 

PHASE four

BRAND photography

PHASE five

social media

We use the brand strategy, photographs, copywriting guidelines and graphic assets to create a social media strategy and schedule your first month of content ready for the launch. Our clients typically review and edit the scheduled posts, making sure all of the content feels authentic with personal touches and industry expert information.

You've done it and are ready to launch! 


launch day!

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