"After I left my brand consultation I felt like i was walking on air. I have a new found excitement in moving forward with my business and in just a few days I have managed to totally transform my website, create a social media structure and content, design new collections and move in a direction that I didn't even realise I wanted."


"Attending my brand consultation workshop with Rhona was the best and most important decision I have made, she is such a lovely and inspiring person who really cares about elevating people's businesses to the next level and seeing them succeed. I am continuing these sessions with her as I know there is so much more she can teach me."

"I felt muddled and confined to my head before my brand consultation. We had the main concept but it was yet to be properly defined and was a bit all over the place and uncertain. After my 1-1 session my brand concept, values, audience and world is clear. I feel so excited and eager to create content now I know who we are, our aesthetic and our goals. We have clear priorities for our launch and everything about our brand is organised and in one place."

"Rhona is as passionate about our brand as we are, she really took the time to properly explore what we want to achieve. I loved how curious Rhona was and I felt she supported our vision from the get go. The session was mindful, organic and natural. The open environment helped me focus and feel comfortable enough to 'braindump' everything, so that we could compile and refine."

"Since my consultation I have been able to organise priorities for my brand launch, I have the confidence to finalise brand assets (finally!) and a full understanding of our brand voice and content pillars. Mainly I’ve achieved confidence in myself, our brand, direction and it’s potential."

"I would recommend Goodrest Studios brand consultations for Rhonas’ holistic and creative thinking, her supportive and passionate attitude, her organisation and insider tips. I could tell that Rhona has invaluable experience in multiple areas of brand marketing, and she generously offered her practiced knowledge to ensure we got the informed, bespoke advice we needed."

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We offer a half day face to face consultation which includes detailed studio research and a PDF concluding everything discussed in the consultation. 

The cost of each brand consultation is £600 with payment plans available. 

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