These sessions are jam packed so get prepared to cover as much as possible. This can include but is not limited to:

Identify current challenges
Brand objectives
Your offering 
Tone of voice
Refine brand story 
Art direction 
Your audience 
Customer journey 
Content marketing strategy 
Checklist & resources
Next steps 

Get prepared

more on what you can expect

Imagine if you could elevate your brand in just one day. Our brand consultation sessions give you structure, organisation and clarity on your brand. Our clients often have no shortage of ambition or creativity, they simply need support creating a plan of action to execute those ideas. This 3 hour session has been designed to cut through the noise, streamline your work flow and inspire this next chapter in your business. 

Elevate your brand in a day

brand consultation

Our Story

You're a new brand looking to get started.

You're an established brand looking to refocus and plan ahead with more creative structure.

You're struggling with one or more problems and need professional guidance. E.g social media, copywriting, website, content creation.

We're a good fit for you if...

"Since my consultation I have been able to organise priorities for my brand launch, I have the confidence to finalise brand assets (finally!) and a full understanding of our brand voice and content pillars. Mainly I’ve achieved confidence in myself, our brand, direction and it’s potential."

"After I left my brand consultation I felt like I was walking on air. I have a new found excitement in moving forward with my business and in just a few days I have managed to totally transform my website, create a social media structure and content, design new collections and move in a direction that I didn't even realise I wanted."

"Attending my brand consultation workshop with Rhona was the best and most important decision I have made, she is such a lovely and inspiring person who really cares about elevating people's businesses to the next level and seeing them succeed. I am continuing these sessions with her as I know there is so much more she can teach me."

"I would recommend Goodrest Studios brand consultations for Rhonas’ holistic and creative thinking, her supportive and passionate attitude, her organisation and insider tips. I could tell that Rhona has invaluable experience in multiple areas of brand marketing, and she generously offered her practiced knowledge to ensure we got the informed, bespoke advice we needed."

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